Private City Tours & Excursions from Palermo




Some good reasons

we do not believe in a simple food or wine tasting


Palermogourmetours is a private company brought to life by its founder and all his professional and enthusiastic staff. We are specialized in Food & Wine Tours in Palermo and Sicily. We want to offer an authentic experience to our customers, something different than a standard tourist service.

Our Goal

Is “Discover the city through its food”, we do not believe in a simple food or wine tasting in to Palermo city or in Sicily, we believe that food is a part of the knowledge of a city as is its cultural heritage. Our tours are always located in parts of the old town that include the historical markets.

We are What we eat! 🙂

We are what we eat! Palermo ‘s food represents the soul of Palermo’s people, if you really want to be connected with the local people, try their food, explore their daily habits and their relationship with food that has a millenary tradition.

Best Support

We are a staff of professional travel experts with a background in tourism and food, we will answer your request within 24-48 hours and we also have a special last minute email address to which we will be able to answer to within a few hours.

Real Experience

We only work with small groups because we want to provide a real experience where our customer can enjoy every detail. Our tours are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs, everything is clearly explained in the tour data page.

PRIVATE TOURS  & Direct booking

We only provide private tours, they can be set for a different number of people and booked through our booking system. No matter if you book a Palermo Wine tour or a Sicily food tour, you can use our internal and direct booking system and you finding immediately out the price and the availability.

Our Tours

Enjoy a private Palermo wine tour, or a Gelato, Pastry and coffee walking tour. Go to experience some of the best wine resorts of Sicily or an authentic local cheese maker in the country area. Palermo wine tour, Sicily food tour, you have many options to explore Palermo city or a vineyard tour of Sicily.


We are specialised in Food & Wine Tours and we want to offer an authentic experience to our customers.